Everyone loves TV, telephone and internet connection, right? After all, all three are all staples of the 21st century lifestyle, ground breaking innovations in human modernisation.
There’s just one catch, and that’s those ugly cables “not so discreetly” snaking around the perimeter of your room. Up until now, that’s simply been the price you have to pay, unless you could afford to splash out for an expensive under-floor cabling system.
But then we thought to ourselves- what if there was another way? And with that, our cable management systems were developed and our new breakthrough, skirting v2.0, was born.


Our cable management upgrades allow you to channel cables and wiring through a special chamber carved inside the skirting board, concealing them from view to the outside world. As far as everyone else will be concerned, your home will be completely cable free.





Have some unsightly piping you want to cover up too? We recommend future proofing all your kitchen and bathroom skirting with our special Pipe Disguise upgrade, which creates a larger chamber able to cover piping too.



Alternatively, if you have an existing skirting board you’d like to replace without having to replaster your walls, we can create custom skirting rebates to your specification. Just click the image for more details.