Bedroom Office: Style Guide

Looking for bedroom office ideas? Want to make the most of space and combine a sleeping space with a work space, all into one? Then here’s our very first Style Guide for how to create a Bedroom Office – including, what you need from us!

Office Bedroom

This style guide features a fun, contemporary Bedroom Office!

It’s compact, space efficient and pretty quirky. So how do you re-create a Bedroom Office like this one?

Well, first up, we’ll run through our matching products – to ensure you’re getting the look you want when it comes to your skirting and architrave. This is the base of the room remember – the blank canvas you’re building on, so it’s pretty important!

After that, we’ll look at some of the design features that make this office bedroom so cool.

Sounds good? Alright then. Let’s jump straight in! From us, you’d need:

1) Mini Bullnose Skirting

When it comes to setting the scene, we see no greater skirting fit than the Mini Bullnose. It comes from its “Father” – the Standard Bullnose Skirting. (Another popular choice.)

Bullnose has a simple design with just a small radius as the feature. We reduce this further with Mini Bullnose to create a tighter curve, that works perfectly with the blocky, modern style of this room!

It’s also space efficient and fits the proportions of a smaller bedroom office.

Click here to shop, or here to grab a free sample to see for yourself at home!

2) Mini Bullnose Architrave

You then match this with the Mini Bullnose Architrave. This goes around door frames. You may also have windows you need to feature, so this will do the job around that! Click here for full details on this one.

3) Bullnose Window Boards

Last but not least, we have the Bullnose Window Boards to complete the set… slick or what?! Click here to shop.

Fancy Something Simpler?

If you were looking for something slightly different we also have our Square Skirting and Square Architrave.

These are actually our cheapest profiles available, as they are simple, with no detail, but they’re perfect for a bedroom office like this!

Design Features of the Office Bedroom

So what other features do we have which make this bedroom office so great? Well, stating the obvious – the fact that it’s both somewhere you can work and sleep!

This Office Bedroom in particular makes full use of space, with clever storage units, under-bed draws, boxed wall cabinets, open shelving. Even the bed block is there to not only elevate the bed, but also become part of the table leg. It’s clever little elements like this that add real character.

Now, you probably wouldn’t have this as your main bedroom (although it would work great for inner-city locations where space is short.) However, it is the perfect way to add an extra bedroom in for guests… whilst still ensuring that the room that won’t get wasted 90% of the time when there’s no-one over to stay! It’s multi-purpose, but due to the design – it works!

We especially love the stylish chair and painted feature walls. If you wanted to paint the skirting to blend in with these walls for a seamless design, click here for this quick guide. It guides you through the best paints to use, and the fastest, most effective process!

What’s your favourite feature of this bedroom office? And what will you take away to incorporate in yours? We’d love to hear! Share this on socials and let us know!