What Is Dado Rail? & Why Is It Back In Fashion?

Welcome to the world of dado rails! In this post, we’d like to answer not only, “what is dado rail?” but also why dado rail is back in fashion and how you can incorporate it into your home. See, we have a real soft spot for dado rail. It’s a clever design element that can add real depth and detail. So let’s jump straight in…

What Is Dado Rail?

A dado rail is a type of moulding fixed horizontally to the wall around the perimeter of a room. It sits lower down than picture rail – usually at around 36 inches or 900 mm. See the purpose of the dado today is mainly aesthetic – it looks good essentially, and can be used as a clever interior design feature.

It did used to serve a more practical purpose – and still has the capacity for that today. See, traditionally, dado rail was used to protect walls from furniture. They were otherwise known as chair rails, as they were installed on the wall at the height of the top of a chair, so that the furniture wouldn’t damage the plaster, paintwork or wallpaper.

You’ll therefore often see them in environments where the wall are subject to a lot of wear and tear – like in doctors or hospitals for example. In such cases the height of the rail is often 1200 mm or even 1500 mm from the floor. So it’s flexible depending on why you are buying dado rail.
In most cases however, dado rails have become more of a design feature than a functional moulding. But – it’s always good to know it’s multi-purpose!

Sufficiently convinced?

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