What is | Skirting & Architrave

It’s time to go back to basics! If you’re wondering, “what is skirting and architrave?” then you’ve come to the right place. See, we’re your skirting board SPECIALISTS. So let’s clear up what exactly they are, where they go, the key differences and how you pick the designs that are right for you. Sounds good? Then let’s jump straight in…

So what exactly is Skirting and Architrave?

So first off, we have our trusty skirting! Skirting fits around the perimeter of a room, fixed to the bottom of the wall, in line with the floor. It’s the junction between the plastered wall and the floor. It acts as protection for the wall and covers the weaker plaster at the base of it, strengthening the overall structure.

Forget any scuffs, dents, abrasion or knocks! The skirting takes the hit with far less (if any) visible damage. Practically, it is therefore a godsend, but visually it also makes a room look far better too.See, skirting hides unsightly wall or floor edges. It can also cover up wires and cables when you utilise a clever little rebateAnd today – particularly with all the different design options – skirting is becoming pretty stylish.

So What’s the Difference Between Skirting and Architrave?

Well, the two certainly have similarities, but – where skirting goes on the floor – architrave is fitted around the edges of structures, like doors or windows. It covers up the plaster and seal whilst also making the features stand out a little more.

You will often have skirting and architrave meeting, however they’re not the same thing. The architrave is usually thinner than the skirting, although it’s common to match the design.

Do They Both Have To Match?

Well, this ultimately comes down to a matter of personal preference. Most people like to match their skirting and architrave exactly. Otherwise it’s like putting cream shorts with a white shirt, right? They wouldn’t typically go together.

But it’s not just about colours. You might have different designs, different profiles, and the great thing about that, is you can mix and match.

See you can very easily have different profile styles that work well together, and features that complement each other, even if they aren’t exactly the same design.

With Skirting Online, we encourage your creativity. You can order free samples, see the skirting and architrave in your own home, and ensure you’re definitely getting the best fit.

Sufficiently convinced?

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